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Olive Green is an honorary of the Spirit of Enterprise 2014

100% Biodegradable

Biodegradable in landfills and after incineration

Made from Corn

A sustainable and fast growing crop

Toxic Free

Does not leach toxins into food even at high temperatures or with acidic/alkali foods


Temperature Tolerant from -20 to 120 Degree Celsius

Strong and Durable

As Affordable as Conventional Plastic

Welcome to Olive Green

We all know that climate change is a very real issue and it’s time to take concrete steps to make things right.

Olive Green recognizes this fact and is set to replace petroleum-based plastics with something more sustainable – Origo, a revolutionary eco-friendly material made from corn. Origo is manufactured into disposable tableware (CornWare), carrier bags (CornBag) and other packaging material. Our products not only have low carbon footprint, they also do not leach harmful toxins into food. Our products marry functionality with aesthetics and are as affordable as conventional plastics.

What is Origo?

Origo is a bioplastic made primarily of corn, a sustainable and fast growing crop. Corn is first made into flour and starch.

Is the production process eco-friendly?

Not only is Origo material eco-friendly, the manufacturing process is also not harmful to the environment.

Available at the following outlets

Olive Green
10 Changi South Street 2,
#03-03D, Singapore 486596
Tel : +65 6767 1301
Fax: +65 767 9908