Olive Green is a Singapore based company that develops, manufactures and distributes corn starch based bioplastic, Origo, in the form of disposable tableware, carrier bags and other packaging – CornWare, CornBag, CornPack.

Not only have we refined our technological processes over the years so as to bring forth a product that has the capabilities to address the growing concerns of climate change, we have also created a product that is cost and performance competitive to oil-based plastics and fibers.

Our philosophy is that everyone, as responsible stewards of Earth, should live in harmony with the environment in a sustainable manner. Our aim is to raise environmental conservation awareness through education and by making our products easily accessible so that eco-friendly habits can become part of our daily lives.

Olive Green believes that we can meet the demands of today without having to compromise our earth’s resources if we stay dedicated to the true ideology of sustainability.


Olive Green is determined to resolve the challenges brought forth by global warming as characterized by mankind’s dependency on petroleum based plastics, so as to create a truly sustainable future through the consistent development and utilization of a range of high quality, revolutionary biological plastics, perpetuated strictly by core values of vocational and constitutional integrity.


Olive Green is set to take the leadership role in the supply of biological plastics; through the provision of ground breaking research and developments, profitable commercial viabilities, strong partnerships and collaborations and outstanding corporation-client services in Asia.